Our story

We are a sustainable Dark chocolate ONLY chocolatier that specializes in luxurious French chocolates, spreads, and confectionary, using imported 64% "Cacao Barry" Dark chocolate, and the finest mostly organic ingredients, never artificial flavors.

When you bite into one of our chocolates you are not only indulging your taste buds, but you will also experience:
- Our 100% artisanal savoir-faire where each piece is crafted, enrobed, decorated, and placed in a box, all done by hand instead of machines, that is why each one of our chocolates is one of a kind.

- A guilt-free indulgence knowing that 100% traced fine cacaos were used in our chocolates, in addition to the satisfaction of knowing that our chocolates are packaged in mostly recyclable packaging. It's our way of thanking nature for cocoa.